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Reducing the weight of car parts that use high-strength steel pipe

The car headrest weight needs to be reduced. A headrest requires the strength to satisfy strict standards, because it is an important part that reduces injury to the passenger’s head in an accident.

Okajima Pipe’s answer
  • 〈 Applied technology 〉
  • Hollow the steel rod (rebar and other bar material) (to a steel pipe)
    Propose to thin the walls of the steel pipe and use high-strength steel pipe
  • Because no high-strength steel pipe satisfied the safety standards, a head rest stay made of a solid round bar was hollowed out (and high-strength steel pipe was used) to lighten the weight.
  • We developed a high-strength steel pipe with the same diameter as the solid round bar, and successfully reduced costs by reducing the weight by 36% and abbreviating the pipe-making process.
  • We thinned the thickness of pipe to reduce weight and produced a high-strength product that satisfied the safety standards.

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