Build-to-order products

One-stop support from development to trial and mass production

Using advanced technology and knowledge, we meet the needs of our customers, including environmental countermeasures, weight reduction, productivity improvements, and cost reductions. We supply one-stop support from development to trial and mass production.

Ability to supply build-to-order products

We handle an unlimited number of items.
Variables range from outer diameter to thickness, length, and material quality. We can respond to all orders within the scope of physical limits. Consult us with if another company refuses your order.
  • Outer diameter
  • Thickness
  • Length
  • Material

    • Ability to respond (1):Manufacturing technology
    • Ability to respond (2):Selection of welding methods
    • Ability to respond (3):Selection of materials

Delivery flow

Clarification of issues

We listen to the customer’s issues, such as weight and cost reductions.

Clarification of the path to solving the issues

We collaborate with the customer to decide the product goals, such as quality, price, and delivery.

Proposal of a solution

We offer methods and processes to achieve the product goals.

Trial manufacturing

After detailed discussions about the steel pipe specifications, we manufacture a trial product.

Evaluation of the trial product

After the customer confirms the performance and quality of the completed trial product, we make any necessary adjustments.

Deciding the specifications of steel pipes for mass production

We decide the processing procedures, equipment to be used, inspection methods, and other specifications for mass production, and then enter into a specification agreement.

Start of mass production and delivery

Finally, production starts. We deliver an initial quality assurance system and the product to the customer.

Example solution