Product development technology

Strong technological skills and support to solve our customers’ issues

We realize products rich in functionality by combining materials, welding equipment, and welding methods. Our unique technology developed over many years solves the problems of our customers.

Reducing weight

Proposals from Okajima Pipe
  • Switching from rod to steel pipe(hollowing)
  • Small-diameter thin-walled pipe
  • Material change (high strength, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium)

We offer steel pipes to customers who use steel rods.
We offer small-diameter thin-walled steel pipe to customers who use steel pipe.
We offer a change in material to customers who need lighter steel pipes.

Improving yield

Proposals from Okajima Pipe
  • Can be manufactured at the desired length
  • Long steel pipe  →  Steel pipe wound in coils
    Seam position detection
    Seam position control
    Larger size
Improving yield

Loss (hold loss) occurs when conventional long steel pipes are cut. We developed coiled steel pipe to eliminate this loss. Heat treatment during pipe-making produces a strength that is easy to process. Enabling the detection and control of seam locations also increases workability for our customers. We can also handle various outer-diameter sizes and materials.

Rustproofing (surface-treated steel pipe)

Proposals from Okajima Pipe
  • Galvanized and aluminum-plated steel pipe with sacrificial anticorrosive effects
  • Nickel-plated and copper-plated steel pipe with barrier-type anti-corrosive effects
  • Differential thickness plating
  • Thermal spraying (galvanization)

Steel pipe with zinc, copper, nickel, and aluminum plating on the inner and outer surfaces.

Rust proofing (stainless steel pipe)

Proposals from Okajima Pipe
  • Steel pipe that can handle harsher usage environments better than surface-treated steel pipe
  • Best welding method‥‥‥Select from ERW, TIG, and laser
  • Steel pipe suited for the usage environment (heat, weather, and corrosion resistance)
  • We can handle small quantities and large varieties

We choose and offer steel pipe that suits the customer’s usage and matches the characteristics of stainless steel.

Inner surface bead control

Proposals from Okajima Pipe
  • Inner surface bead height
  • Inner surface bead shape
  • Inner surface bead cut

We control the shape of the inner surface bead and inner diameter of the steel pipe to suit the customer’s processing.

Corrugated steel pipe

Proposals from Okajima Pipe
  • Corrugation

We can corrugate steel pipes according to purpose, such as cooling or heat transfer effects. (Corrugation)