Message from our President

We work to live up to the expectations of our customers as a specialized manufacturer of small diameter, thin-walled, precision, seam-welded pipes.

Okajima Pipe Co., Ltd. was founded in 1940 by Soujiro Okajima, who started manufacturing welded steel pipes for bicycles, and in April 2020, Okajima Pipe celebrated its 80th anniversary.
This is solely thanks to the people that supported our company for many years.
I thank you sincerely.

Since its founding, Okajima Pipe has worked to develop innovative technology and has grown into a specialized manufacturer of small diameter, thin-walled, seam-welded pipes.
BRITEN TUBE is the symbol of our ambitions. Each pipe is manufactured based on a specific specification document, which is our promise to the customer.

By manufacturing small-diameter, thin-walled, precision, seam-welded pipes, we work each day so we can solve our customers’ problems and contribute to society.
We greatly appreciate your continued support.


Management philosophy

Meet the expectations and gain the trust of our customers by working to develop innovative technologies while looking of the world.

Company policy

Company policy