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Request to reduce costs

  • When inserting a round bar inside standard welded steel pipe, the bead (welded part) on the inner surface of the pipe blocks insertion.
  • Using seamless or drawn steel pipes unfortunately results in higher costs.

Cross-sectional shape of standard welded steel pipe

Okajima Pipe’s answer
  • 〈 Applied technology 〉
  • Proposal of bead-less welded steel pipe
  • We used our unique bead-less welded steel pipe, which can limit the beads that occur on the inner surface at the welding section.
  • We succeeded in making the inner surface bead section thinner than the thickness of the pipe. This made it possible to insert round bars, which reduced costs.

Cross-sectional shape of bead-less welded steel pipe

Types and features of steel pipes
Types of steel pipes Outer diameter precision Inner diameter precision Support for small-diameter pipe with thick walls Cost
Seamless steel pipe High
Drawn steel pipe High
Welded steel pipe with inner surface bead cut × medium
Our bead-less welding steel pipe low

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