General-purpose products

  • F series
    Standard steel/ultralow carbon steel pipe

    This versatile series is the most produced of BRITEN TUBE brand. Its features include a brilliant surface and ease of processing.

  • H series
    High-strength steel pipe

    It is best for uses that require steel-pipe strength. It is used for car headrests stays, hammer handles, crowbars, and other products.

  • G series
    Galvanized steel pipe

    This series of steel pipe has zinc plating on its surface to improve corrosion resistance. It is used for engine support parts and gas appliance piping.

  • C series
    Copper-plated steel pipe

    This series uses copper-plated cold-rolled steel sheets. It is widely used for fuel piping around engines and tanks and for refrigerator piping.

  • A series
    Aluminum-plated steel pipe

    This series uses hot-dip aluminum-plated steel sheets. It has excellent features, including heat resistance, heat reflection, and chemical resistance.

  • N series
    Nickel-plated steel pipe

    This series uses nickel-plated cold-rolled steel sheets. It has excellent corrosion resistance against alcohol and is mainly used for piping of fuel tanks, coolants, and other items.

  • S series
    Stainless steel pipe

    This series uses austenite stainless steel plates that include nickel, and ferrite stainless steel plates that do not include nickel.

  • NC series
    High nickel-plated steel pipe

    This series is manufactured using cold-rolled steel sheets made of Fe-Ni-Cr alloy with TIG welding. It has excellent heat resistance under elevated temperatures and anti-corrosive properties under corrosive environments.

  • AA series
    Aluminum alloy pipe

    This series is made using aluminum alloy sheets with high-frequency induction welding. It has excellent anticorrosive properties and workability and weighs about 1/2 that of copper and about 1/3 of that of iron.

  • T series
    Titanium pipe

    This series uses a combination of pure titanium and titanium alloy sheets to suit usage. It weighs about 2/3 of that of iron and about 1/2 of that of copper. It has a high strength for its weight, so it is used to reduce weight versus steel and copper pipes.

  • PIC
    Coiled steel pipe

    This product is manufactured pipe wound in a coil. It increases processing yield because the necessary length can be used at the necessary time.