General-purpose products

PIC(Pipe In Coil)

This product is manufactured pipe wound in a coil. It increases processing yield because the necessary length can be used at the necessary time. This leads to reduced production costs and flexible support for changes in production lines.

Product code Finishing classification Main uses
F series
H series
G series
C series
N series
This product is steel pipe that has been wound into a coil.
Asking customers to unwind and use this pipe enables highly efficient and high-yield manufacturing with steel pipe.
Car parts
Electrical parts
Gas appliances
For raised floors

Specifications of PIC wound for packaging

Wall thickness of 0.7 or less Wall thickness of 0.8 or more
Pipe in coiling outer diameter(mm) Max 1,300 Max 1,300
Pipe in coiling inner diameter(mm) Min 600 Min 800
Pipe in coiling height(mm) Max 500 Max 900
Pipe in coiling weight(kg) Max 500 Max 1,500
Pipe in coiling length(m) Φ4.76 Max 5,000
Φ6.35 Max 4,000
Φ8.0 Max 2,800
Φ10.0 Max 2,000
Φ10.5 Max 4,500
Φ12.7 Max 3,000
Φ13.8 Max 2,300
Φ15.9 Max 1,400

Wall thickness of 0.7 or less Wall thickness of 0.8 or more
Binding material Polypropylene band Bearing hoop
Binding count 4 locations 4 locations
Anti-rust paper roll Yes (option) No
Front and rear end seal Yes (option) No