General-purpose products

NC series (high nickel steel pipe)

This series is manufactured using cold-rolled steel sheets made of Fe-Ni-Cr alloy with TIG welding. It has excellent heat resistance under elevated temperatures and anti-corrosive properties under corrosive environments. This series is used mainly for household electrical appliances and sheath heaters to protect heaters inserted in steel pipes.

Product code Finishing classification Main uses
NC-AH1 This steel pipe with Tig welded cold-rolled steel strips of Fe-Ni-Cr alloy has a small amount of bead welding reinforcement, a beautiful surface, excellent resistance properties against carburizing, nitriding, and oxidation under elevated temperatures, and favorable anticorrosive properties against various corrosive environments. Sheath heater (hotplates, irons, rice cookers)

Usage examples

Sheath heater
Sheath heater
・ Required qualities

Dimensional accuracy, bending workability