General-purpose products

C series (copper-plated steel pipe)

This series uses copper-plated cold-rolled steel sheets. It is widely used for fuel piping around engines and tanks and for refrigerator piping. Featuring a beautiful surface and easy processing, this series is suited for welding with copper products.

Product code Finishing classification Main uses
C0105C Manufactured pipe with a tensile strength of 290 N/mm2 or greater. For cars
Fuel, cooling
Piping and sheath heaters for motorcycles
Cold drawing is performed for this series, and it has good strength and excellent dimensional accuracy.
Annealing is performed, the tensile strength is 290 N/mm2 or greater, and the elongation is about 40%.
Cold drawing and annealing are performed, and this series has excellent dimensional accuracy and great workability.
C0305CS Made of ultra-low carbon steel, this series is produced using special methods and is suitable for advanced processing.

Usage examples

Piping parts for car fuel
・ Required qualities

Anticorrosive properties, workability

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