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Product Types and Applications

PIC Series (Pipe in Coil Steel Tube)

Coiled steel tube that flexibly adapts to changes in the production line

  1. 1) Inventory of raw materials (pipes) of various lengths is unnecessary.
  2. 2) Production cost is reduced by the high efficiency and high yield of cutting.
  3. 3) Can be embedded in a consistent production line by combining with high efficiency and high yield (Coil to Bar Machine). Efforts can also be made to increase the speed of the production line.
Product symbol Finish category Main applications
F Series
G Series
C Series
N Series
These are products in a which steel tubes are rolled into coil shape.
It is possible to manufacture steel tube products with high efficiency and yield by requesting customers to unwind the coil before use.
Auto parts (e.g., steering wheel tubes)
Electrical parts (e.g. capacity tubes)
Gas equipment (e.g. gas pipes)
For office equipment sub-floors

PIC coiling packing specifications

  Thickness 0.7 or less Thickness 0.8 or more
Coil outer diameter (mm) Max 1,300 Max 1,300
Cool inner diameter (mm) Min 600 Min 800
Coil height (mm) Max 500 Max 600
Coil weight (kg) Max 500 Max 460
Coil length (m) 4.76Φ Max 4,000 -
6.35Φ Max 2,500 -
8.0Φ Max 1,500 -
10.0Φ Max 1,000 -
12.7Φ - Max 1,000
13.8Φ - Max 850
15.9Φ - Max 750
  Thickness 0.7 or less Thickness 0.8 or more
Binding wire Polypropylene band Bearing hoop
Number of ties 4 places 4 places
Anti-corrosion paper roll Available (optional) Not available
Tip/tail end seal Available (optional) Not available