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Environmental Policy

To ensure that all of our employees understand, implement, and maintain this environmental policy, we will do the following:

  1. We will develop and implement a framework for environment management based on our environmental management systems, and strive for the continuous improvement of our environmental efforts and the prevention of pollution.
  2. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations enforced by the national government, public agencies, and other organizations, as well as with other requirements to which we have agreed, and engage in activities for the protection of the environment.
  3. In the pursuit of our activities, we will establish and work toward environmental objectives and targets. We will also review those objectives and targets on a regular basis.
  4. We will endeavor to conserve materials, sub-materials, and energy in all of our corporate activities and work to reduce our environmental footprint.
  5. We will put our environmental policy into writing, raise awareness of the policy among all who work at or for our company, and strive for the promotion and maintenance of the policy.
September. 8, 2014

Takehiko Okajima,
President & CEO
Okajima Pipe Co., Ltd.