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Product Development

Purpose Application example Applied technology
Automotive lightweighting
(Steel bar → Steel tube)
  • High tensile strength, thick wall and small diameter steel tubes,
  • headrest,
  • stabilizer,
  • jack pattern
Forming and welding technology of small-diameter thick wall tubes, in which low carbon steel is used for lowering hardness of electroseamed parts and on-line contraction hardening is done for increased tensile strength
Automatic cutting and yield improvement
(Long size → Coil)
  • Coiled steel tube handle core grid,
  • gas piping,
  • refrigerator heat radiating pipe
In-line heat treatment
Coil winding facilities
Seam position detection
Seam position control
Rust prevention
Surface treated steel tube
Fuel piping
Oil cooler
Water tubes
Metal plating that is not melted by brazing-heating
Metal plating with slow corrosion speed of surface metal
Outer surface zero/Inner surface plating
Special treatment plating with good workability
Stainless steel tube
Exhaust gas pipe
Fuel piping
Cooling water piping
Non-oxidation electroseamed welding
Ferrite-type stainless weld structure grain refining
Raw pipe for drawing Bead control steel tube
Beadless steel tube
Inner axis insert part
Bolt insert part
Antivibration rubber collar
Seat lifter
Bead control technology
Steel strip thickness selection technology
Improve heat radiation Steel tube with inner groove
Steel tube with outer groove
Steel tube manufacturing technology with inner and outer grooves